Legal and Trade Rap

Yo, listen up, I got the lowdown
On legal stuff that’s all around town
Like pool fence height requirements in the neighborhood
Gotta understand the law, it’s all good

Then there’s labor law in the Philippines, it’s no joke
Making sure workers are treated fair, that’s the yoke
Canada and New Zealand got a free trade agreement
Trading goods and services, that’s the new creed

Need a contract agreement in Spanish? I got your back
Legal documentation, no need to get off track
How to get a legal separation in Utah, step by step
Follow the process, no need to fret

If you wanna make your golf cart street legal, here’s the kit
Easy installation, no need to throw a fit
An independent sales commission agreement, that’s the deal
Key terms and requirements, it’s all here, for real

Ever heard of a bare trust agreement? Now you do
Everything you need to know, straight through and through
Extradition law meaning is no mystery
Understanding the implications, that’s the key, it’s no history

Lastly, parody copyright rules, know the scoop
Following legal guidelines, no need to regroup
So there you have it, legal and trade all in a rap
Hope you learned something, no need to clap

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